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One of the India’s leading names, Lauret is also a movement in new generation bath and shower products. The breathtaking products are not just in the latest style and class but also in substance and sheer presence in brilliant hues.

Lauret’s acclaimed steam sauna systems are created from the finest material, with utmost attention to detail. And packed with an array of world-class features. The products are a perfect complement to your evolved lifestyle.

Lauret steam system compromises a steam generator, steam heat and control panel. All steam configurations are completely enclosed and designed to retain heat and moisture.

Lauret saunas heaters deliver fast heat up, most even bathing temperature, most effective vapourisation, largest choice of special features, highest quality and unequalled durability.

They deliver an experience beyond bathing, bringing in harmony and well being to improve the quality of life. All products are checked and meticulously inspected before delivery leading to meeting of exacting demands of quality and craftsmanship.

All Lauret products adhere to rigorous quality and performance checks to ensure maximum safetyand faultless operation. They embrace a comprehensive warranty and performance assurance. Plus, the products are fully backed by a nationwide network, prompt after sales service, leading to total satisfaction for years.


Safety Instructions

  • Switch on/off the sauna heater and ensure the setting of temperature more than the displayed cubicle temperature.
  • Temperature ranges on user preference, between 48º and 60º C.
  • The higher you sit in a sauna, the hotter the temperature will be.
  • Stay in a sauna for 10-15 minutes, step out and cool off, then return to the sauna for another innings.
  • Repeat but don’t overdo.
  • Your pulse should not increase more than 60-70 per cent than normal
  • Take a shower bath to cleanse your skin of salts and residues.
  • Consume plenty of water before entering sauna room but refrain from eating an hour prior to the sauna bath.
  • Bathing suits and clothes hinder evaporation of sweat and cause hygiene problems.
  • For fair, sensitive skin, place towel on face while in warm bath.
  • Chains, necklaces and watches can cause skin burns.

Easy Operations

Switch ON/OFF the cubicle electronic controller. “Have a nice bath” will be displayed on the top line and “60m LAURET 35 c” on the bottom line. Switch on/off the sauna unit and ensure that the set temperature is more than the cubicle temperature displayed in the right corner. Push on the temperature setting of the sauna inside the cabin. Once the displayed temperature icon starts blinking, press plus or minus to set the desired temperature of the sauna, leave it for 10 seconds, it will automatically get stored in the memory, after the blinking stops.

Convenient Installation

Sauna cabins are made of soft woods because they don’t get excessively hot and they absorb moisture. While spruce from Finland is a smooth-surface wood that stays light colored in the sauna. The benches, backrest and headrest are made from a different type of wood called abachi. The heater is installed on metal brackets. Filled with rocks that heat up when the sauna is turned on. These are special black granite rocks called peridotite that heat real well but won’t decompose or explode in a sauna environment like a common field rock might. The heater is made to have water poured on it so you can control the humidity inside.

Sauna feature
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